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Elitium helps investors access digital assets via a trusted, compliant, and secure wealth management platform, all leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The Elitium platform makes the art market more transparent, efficient and accessible to all. In doing so, we have brought investment grade art from around the world to our investors and client base to diversify their holdings. NFTs are an integral part of this innovation: in part, by verifying the provenance of works and authenticity the masterpieces using state of the art NFT chips, ERC-721 tokens and a secured custody solution.

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GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group, one of the most established blockchain firms in North America. It provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. By leveraging their expertise in both blockchain and capital markets, GDA is bringing the missing pieces together in order to bring institutional capital into the world of blockchain.

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Estelle Ohayon, the newly appointed CEO of NFT BAZL, is a secondary art market specialist and curator bringing together an eclectic group of renowned artists to take part in this revolutionary event in an ever-evolving art world. With a global art network, we are able to source off market exclusive art pieces directly from collectors across a broad spectrum of artists spanning time and genre.

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