NFT BAZL is a one-of-a-kind NFT art exhibition co-hosted by GDA Capital, Elitium, and EO Art Concierge.

Breathing new life into an antiquated market, artists will exhibit physical and digital artworks side-by-side, welcoming collectors to an exhibition where onlookers can view artworks across a variety of mediums and bid on them by simply waving their phones over the masterpieces.

Through its inaugural physical and digital art exhibition in Miami, NFT BAZL proved there’s an appetite for collectors to participate in a new investment vehicle now known as ‘NFT artworks.’ Over $3M worth of artworks were exhibited at the first event, with 20+ signed artists dropping exclusive content on our platform.

NFT BAZL seeks to connect world-class artists through simple, intuitive, and secure NFT technology with unique events and experiences, bridging the gap between the physical and digital art worlds.

The Event

This October, NFT BAZL will bring an exclusive group of established artists to our next drop event in Dubai. During this event, artists and collectors will continue to push boundaries within this new creative space emerging on the blockchain.

The second show will take place during Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 at the JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai.

Here, artists and creatives will be united with investors and crypto enthusiasts from around the world to demonstrate how tradition and NFT technology can merge to great effect.

As NFTs continue to revolutionize the art market, NFT BAZL seeks to disrupt our current understanding of NFTs and the potential that they hold. More than just an art show, this one-of-a-kind event is the first of its kind and marks an important moment in art history.

Gulf Blockchain Week 2021

Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 is a week-long event connecting the global blockchain community for a premier conference to discuss the latest industry developments and cement Dubai’s reputation as a global technology leader.

Being one of the strongest finance and tech hubs in the world, Dubai aims to be the “first city fully powered by blockchain” in order to drive the future economy. The city is home to a vibrant and strong ecosystem that has piloted a number of groundbreaking blockchain projects, exploring innovative use cases across a range of sectors, from municipal services and education to transportation and security to tourism and real estate.

Hundreds of world-known experts, investors, academics, and business leaders will convene for Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 and define the blockchain agenda for the whole region, and assess the influential role that blockchain will play in the development and modernisation of the Gulf’s government, commercial, and financial sectors in the future.

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Hijack is one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists in today’s contemporary art scene. His works are a revelation in street art: imaginative, brilliantly put together, and seen in cultural hotspots worldwide. Born and raised in Los-Angeles, Hijack's work exists at the intersection of fine art and street art, creating visual commentaries inspired by political and social issues


Elitium helps investors access digital assets via a trusted, compliant, and secure wealth management platform, all leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. The Elitium platform makes the art market more transparent, efficient, and accessible to all. In doing so, we have brought investment-grade art from around the world to our investors and client base to diversify their holdings. NFTs are an integral part of this innovation: in part, by verifying the provenance of works and authenticity of the masterpieces using state-of-the-art NFT chips, ERC-721 tokens, and a secured custody solution.

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GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group, one of the most established blockchain firms in North America. It provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. By leveraging their expertise in both blockchain and capital markets, GDA is bringing the missing pieces together in order to bring institutional capital into the world of blockchain.

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Estelle Ohayon, the newly appointed CEO of NFT BAZL, is a secondary art market specialist and curator bringing together an eclectic group of renowned artists to take part in this revolutionary event in an ever-evolving art world. With a global art network, we are able to source off market exclusive art pieces directly from collectors across a broad spectrum of artists spanning time and genre.

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