The art world is pining for change. In-person interaction is what everyone needs.

GDA Capital and Elitium have kickstarted the movement with NFT BAZL, uniting artists and investors in Miami to showcase how art and the blockchain can combine to create a simple investment vehicle, all thanks to NFTs.

Now — the time has come to reinterpret and reimagine the entire art experience. After all, technology is only spurring market growth, as digital reinforces its position in the art world.

The movement has piqued interests, and now emerging artists want to explore sustainability and reducing carbon footprints — as well as socio-economic, cultural, and urban trends.

Many of these artists already exhibit in top galleries. But we’d like to bring a digital aspect to their works and demonstrate the limitless boundaries of digital and physical art.

We’d also like to harness buzz-worthy African artists and the emerging interest in black figurative paintings. And as the understanding of African art and art history grows, we can digitally enhance the experience.

Art & Blockchain Gala Dinner
19th September
NFT Exhibition: Art-St-Urban presents NFT BAZL
Friday 17 – Sunday 26th September 2021
NFT #hackARThon
Wednesday-Thursday, Sept 22nd -23rd
Art Talk – Panel
Thursday Sept 23rd 17:00 -19:00
After Award ceremony, 9pm – midnight
Thursday Sept 23rd 17:00 -19:00
VIP Program - “Introduction to NFTs”
Tuesday /Wednesday 11:00 – 14:00

More info Coming Soon

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